New Reading Societies

Feast of the Ten Martyrs of Crete

Societies_books.JPGWE'RE EXCITED to announce the launch of two new book groups and plans for three others.

The Cappadocian Society will begin meeting weekly on Thursdays, 4 pm at The Ladder, beginning January 26. This group is for clergy and any others involved in ministry. We're making an ambitious start with the giant tome by Charles Taylor: A Secular Age.

The Florovsky Society will begin meeting weekly on Fridays, 5 pm at The Ladder, beginning January 27. This group is open to anybody interested in reading the Church Fathers. We'll begin with the Apostolic Fathers (Clement, Ignatius of Antioch, et al) and will be using the Baker edition edited by Michael W. Holmes. We'll be supplementing the primary text with readings from David Bentley Hart's The Story of Christianity: A History of 2000 Years of the Christian Faith and David N. Bell's A Cloud of Witnesses: An Introductory History of the Development of Christian Doctrine.

And we are looking forward to reviving the Society of Simple Souls, which focuses on the classics, and launching two additional groups later in the year: the Chrysostom Society, which will focus on the Bible with the Fathers as guides, and another society, which will focus on philosophy (either the Logos Society or the Sophia Society - which name do you like best?).

For more information or questions, please contact me by email at or by phone at 316.573.8413.

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