Old Testament Homilies - 3 Volume Set

Feast of the Nativity of the Forerunner John the Baptist and of St Elizabeth, Mother of the Forerunner
Old Testament Homilies – 3 Volume Set by St John Chrysostom; translated by Robert Charles Hill

John_Chrysostom_square_3.jpgALTHOUGH ST John may best be known for his commentaries on the New Testament (for which St. Thomas Aquinas declared he would give ''the whole town of Paris''), he was well-versed in Old Testament interpretation as well. The homilies presented here, translated from the Greek and available for the first time in English, focus on a series of biblical figures, prophets and psalms, with a treatment of Old Testament composition to boot. Volume One sets forth a series of sermons on Hannah, David and Saul; Volume Two comments on Isaiah and Jeremiah (revealing Chrysostom's approach to prophetic interpretation); and Volume Three concerns Chrysostom's observations on the general obscurity of the Old Testament as well as commentary on several psalms (outside the larger fifty-eight homily collection). Translator Robert Hill provides brief introduction to each volume, making this set a fine addition to the Chrysostom corpus.

451 pp. paper, 3 volumes $44.85

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