On the Human Condition

Feast of All Saints
On the Human Condition by St. Basil the Great; translated by Nonna Verna Harrison

Basil__On_Human_Condition_book_cover.jpgTHE ACTS of the Apostles says of the early Christians that, “the whole group were of one heart and soul. . . and nobody said that anything he had was his own, but to them all things were common.” Possessions are transient, but the Faith is the inheritance of every generation, that which we still have “in common” with the Church of the first centuries. Consequently, we carefully select and (gently) insist on the study of patristic sources. Through our Fathers and Mothers we are able join our lives to those early Christians, to be of one heart and soul with them. St. Basil the Great is a recognized bearer of such sacred Tradition. This valuable collection of his works “brings together the major themes in Greek Patristic anthropology—the image of God in the human being, the Fall from Paradise, and the human condition in the present life and in the age to come.” In fact, there isn’t a more compact and readable primer of St. Basil’s genius as Father of the Church, guide of monks and master rhetorician. St. Basil “addresses the questions posed by the human condition with characteristic clarity, balance and sobriety,” so that, along with him, we can possess the ageless mind of the Church. Included here are St. Basil’s “On the Origin of Humanity”; “Homily Explaining that God is Not the Cause of Evil”; “Homily against Anger”; and selections from the “Long Rules”—along with other writings and discourses.

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