On the Printed Book: A Brief Eighth Day View


The physical book increasingly finds itself neglected - discarded and even burned by libraries, discontinued by publishers, abandoned by educators, and forgotten by consumers. 105 e-books are now being sold for every 100 printed books on Amazon.

Around here in the Eighth Day community, we are committed to the physical book. And just so you know, our books will not be available on I-pads or any other kind of electronic reader. Ever. Seriously.

Instead, we hope our publications will find their way into your home - become an Eighth Day Member and they will automatically! We hope you will hold them in your hands. We want you to open and close the pages, bookmark and, yes, even mark in them. We want you to feel the quality of paper we selected. We want your guests to discover them on your coffee table. And we hope you or your children will rediscover them long after you have shelved them on a real bookshelf. We want them to be a part of the community you call home. For, as Cicero once said, "A room without books is like a body without a soul."

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