On the Road with Eighth Day Books

Feast of the Martyr Eudocia

PreClimacus.JPGI'VE BEEN on the road for a week now with Warren Farha, proprietor of Eighth Day Books.

We traveled to Louisville, KY to peddle our wares (EDB and EDI) at the Climacus Conference. The theme was "Encountering God" and they had great speakers (Fr. Moses Berry, Dr. David Bradshaw, Fr. Stephen Freeman, and Jonathan Pageau), poetry readings by Richard Pierce, and a sneak preview film screening of Becoming Truly Human by Dr. Nathan A. Jacobs.

Climacus_Set_Up.JPGAfter kicking off Lent at St. Michael Orthodox Church in Louisville, we moved on and are now in Upland, IN for the William A. Fry Undergraduate Conference on Literature and Writing at Taylor University. We'll set up tomorrow morning, peddle the rest of the day through Saturday, and be home late Sunday.

Pray for safe travels...we look forward to being back home in Wichita.

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