Origen: Are You Seeking God's Truth and the Causes of Things?

Feast of St Baruch the Prophet

Origen_Square.jpgJUST AS when our eyes rest upon something made by an artist, . . . our mind burns to know how and in what way and to what purpose it was made, far more and beyond all comparison with such things does our spirit burn with an unspeakable longing to know the why and wherefore of the works of God which we see. This longing, this love, we believe, has been without doubt planted in us by God. And just as the eye naturally seeks light and sight, and our body naturally desires food and drink, so does our spirit have its own natural desire to know God’s truth and the causes of things. But we have received this desire from God not just so that it never should or could be gratified; for otherwise the “love of truth” (2 Thes. 2.10) would seem to have been planted in our spirit by the Creator in vain.

—Origen, On First Principles

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