Orthodoxy and The Everlasting Man

Feast of Our Righteous Father Theophilus the Confessor
Orthodoxy and The Everlasting Man by G. K. Chesterton

ORTHODOXY is surely one of the most famous apologies for Christian orthodoxy of the modern age. Chesterton's dazzling use of metaphor and paradox fits comfortably with his conviction that the world is neither unreasonable nor reasonable, but nearly reasonable, "a trap for logicians." This silent "swerving from accuracy by an inch" is the uncanny element in everything. Chesterton's prose dances, enchants, and usually convinces, even as our 'nearly satisfied' reason turns to intuition and imagination in order to follow his arguments to their conclusions.

The Everlasting Man is Chesterton's totally idiosyncratic, typically brilliant history of mankind and of the Christian religion, which concludes with the conviction that Christianity "met the mythological search for romance by being a true story, and the philosophical search for truth by being a true story." For C. S. Lewis, the book was one of the milestones on his path to conversion. It is probably the masterpiece, if you had to choose only one, of the man Etienne Gilson called "one of the deepest thinkgers who ever lived."

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