Pipes and Pints in lieu of Hall of Men in December


In lieu of our regular Hall of Men gatherings in December, we'll have our annual Christmas Feast for Eighth Day Members on Dec 9 and we're bringing Pipes and Pints back to The Ladder on the Friday evening of Dec 2.

Pipes and Pints, Brandon Buerge's spin off of our Hall of Men, meets monthly at Brandon's casa in Newton, Ks. You can sign up for their emails at the June 30 meeting or by contacting Brandon.

We'll open the doors at The Ladder at 8 pm, Eighth Day Convocation at 8:30 and then turn it over to Brandon at 8:45 pm.

Pipes and Pints format: Anyone who so desires gets thirty seconds to pitch a topic for discussion at around 8:45 pm. Proposed topics are ranked by secret ballot (tallied in real time by yours truly), and taken in sequence, third-ranked through first-ranked, about an hour each, until the clean-up round at 11:00pm.

Topics from the last go 'round: 3rd - Is the question of contraception a moral (rather than strictly practical) issue? 2nd - Does God allow prayer to change history and 1st - How do you resolve conflicts between convictions of faith and convictions of conscience?

As usual, expect great conversation and fellowship. And, if you study Brandon's primer on how to blow smoke rings, we might even have a few good smoke rings.

We hope you can join us for a great evening of pipes and pints.

-The Hall of Men


December 02, 2016 at 8pm - December 03, 2016
the Ladder
Erin Doom ·

Will you come?

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