Reading Societies Update

Feast of St Timothy the Righteous and St John, Patriarch of Constantinople

Books_Square.jpgIF YOU MISSED the announcement about our two new Reading Societies, here's a quick update.

The Cappadocian Society, open to anybody involved in ministry of any sort, continues to work its way through Charles Taylor's A Secular Age. They meet on Thursdays from 4-5:15 pm at The Ladder. I'll post a news item once they've decided on the next book for meetings beginning in April.

The Chrysostom Society, which focuses on the Bible and the Fathers, is working its way through the Apostolic Fathers and is reading IVP's Ancient Christian Commentary on Genesis 1-11. They will discuss 2 Clement (a homily by the third bishop of Rome; using the 3rd ed. of The Apostolic Fathers edited by Michael Holmes) and Gen 1:14-31 on Wednesday, March 8 from 5-6:15 pm at The Ladder. Please feel free to join them any time!

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