Restless Kings: Dale Allison on Pascal, Part 2

Feast of St Amphilochius, Bishop of Iconium

Benedict_Square.jpgSINCE THE early 2000s, Rod Dreher has been peddling a project for cultural renewal that he calls "The Benedict Option." He has described Eighth Day Institute as"the spiritual heart of the Benedict Option." You should come to our sixth annual symposium on Jan 14-16 to learn more about it directly from Dreher.

The Hall of Men is the first way we began to flesh out the "Benedict Option." Since then, it has progressed to include publications, an annual symposium, and among many other endeavors, an annual Inklings Festival and the Sisters of Sophia.

The Hall of Men has never allowed women into the Hall, just as the Sisters of Sophia do not allow men into their gatherings (not even me!). And we've never posted a video, at least not until last Friday. So this four-part series truly is a unique opportunity. And the video clips will only be posted for a limited time, per Dr. Allison's request.

Today we offer you the second installment of Allison's lecture on Blaise Pascal. Like the first one, this clip consists largely of Dale reading a passage from Pascal before offering a few brief comments. We'll get more of Dale in the next two posts, but I think it is significant that Dale presented a good deal of Pascal's written word to the Hall of Men. Part of our objective is to facilitate a personal encounter with these heroes. I consider them to be a part of the great cloud of witnesses, so I want men and women to hear what they have to say.

I think an important key to cultural renewal is the commemoration of saints, an ancient tradition of the undivided Church. Instead of idolizing celebrities and running from entertainment to entertainment, as Pascal puts it in this video clip, we need to honor and celebrate the heroes of the faith. At the Hall of Men and Sisters of Sophia, we do this by telling their stories and by mounting an image of the hero on the walls. We can't forget them when they are on the walls looking down at us. I believe we should all be doing this in our homes with our families.

Do you celebrate the heroes of the faith in your home? Does your Church?

If so, tell us how in the comments section below. Or tell us how you think the Church and families can do a better job at providing models worthy of imitation.

Listen to Dale and Pascal, tell us what you think, and let's stand together to renew our culture!


Click here to download a free issue of A Word from the Fathers. It contains great reading for Advent with a selection from Athanasius' On the Incarnation

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