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Eighth Day Institute's work of renewing culture is the fruit of Warren Farha's labors at Eighth Day Books.

Warren has dedicated his life to promoting cultural renewal through peddling great books!

If you are concerned about the future of our country...as we all should be,

And if you want to help bring the catalog back,

Make a tax-deductible donation today in honor of Warren Farha's vital work of renewing culture through Eighth Day Books!

Donate $250 and receive two books that contain articles by Warren Farha.

Every dollar over $250 will be earmarked for the publication of the catalog.

When I first started receiving the catalog, many of the books were new to me, and they all looked so beautiful. The book selection was only the half of it. Each book was accompanied by a lengthy description - not publisher's puffery but a serious summary and interaction with the book. Buying and reading all the books in the Eighth Day Catalog would be an education, but reading the catalog was an education in itself. ~Peter Leithart