Soil and Sacrament

Feast of the Holy Prophet Micah
Soil and Sacrament: A Spiritual Memoir of Food and Faith by Fred Bahnson

Soil___Sacrament_book_square.jpegSOIL AND SACRAMENT is the memoir of a pilgrimage about staying put. Author Fred Bahnson, though driven by a calling to grow food for people, had become burnt-out in his role as a community garden director. Realizing his current role was not a sustainable way to cultivate his spiritual and family life, he left it to uncover something new—but never entirely left his calling to work the land. Instead, he writes, he knew it was the soil itself that was to be “a portal to another world,” where he would find the spiritual strength to meet the demands of daily life. The book wanders meditatively through the four stops along his journey: a Trappist monastery, a North Carolina community garden, a Skagit Valley ministry pursuing healing both for the land and for people on the margins, and a Jewish organic farm in Connecticut. What arises out of this broad travel is a new-found spiritual rootedness, the resource to find deep nourishment while planted in one place and community. The earth becomes, ultimately, a means of grace, both for the author and for those he continues to bless, both from the garden and on the page.  

255 pp. cloth $26.00

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