St Abraham of Nathpar: Do You Begin Your Prayers with Our Lord's Prayer?

Feast of St John Chrysostom the Archbishop of Constantinople

Desert_Father_Square_2.jpgBE EAGER in prayer, and vigilant, without wearying; and remove from yourself drowsiness and sleep. You should be watchful both by night and by day; do not be disheartened.

I will show you the different occasions for prayer. At the time when you are in trouble, offer up petition; and when you are well supplied with the good things of God, give thanks to the Giver; and when your mind rejoices, offer up praise. Let all these prayers be made with discernment.

I am convinced, my beloved, that everything that people ask in diligence and faith, God will grant them. But when someone offers up prayer in mockery or contempt or doubt, he does not receive his request, seeing that he is not firm in heart or believing that he will receive an answer. One needs to offer up prayer, being purified of all doubt and blemish, and he offers up his offering in purity, so that it may be received. He will also take care lest there be found in it anything which will result in it being rejected.

Out of all offerings, pure prayer is the most excellent. Therefore be eager in prayer, my son, and labor in it. At the beginning of all your prayers use the prayer which our Lord taught.

—St Abraham of Nathpar, Demonstration on Prayer

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