St Ambrose of Milan: Are You Allowing the Crib of Christ to Shine Forth?

Feast of St. Ambrose of Milan

Ambrose_Square_2.jpgHEARKEN, You who rule Israel,

You who sit upon the cherubim.

Appear before Ephraim; rouse up

Your power and come (Cf. Ps. 80.1-2)!

Come, redeemer of the nations,

Show forth the virgin’s begetting.

Let the whole world marvel:

such a birth begets God.

Not by a man’s seed

but by a mystical inbreathing

did the Word of God become flesh

and the fruit of the womb flourish.

The virgin’s womb swells

but the door of chastity remains shut.

The banners of virtue are radiant:

God dwells in His temple.

Let Him come out from His bridal chamber,

the royal hall of chastity,

a giant of twofold nature,

eager to run His course (cf. Ps. 19.5).

His going out is from the Father,

His coming back is to the Father,

His journey is as far as hell,

His return is to the throne of God.

The equal of the eternal Father,

He girds on the trophy of our flesh,

fortifying the frailty of our body

with His enduring strength.

May your crib now shine forth

and the night produce a new light.

May no night destroy it,

and may it beam with constant faith.

~St. Ambrose of Milan, Intende Qui Regis Israel

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