St Ambrose of Milan: Is Your Body Pure and Full of Faith?

Feast of St Euplus the Holy Martyr & Archdeacon of Cantania

Ambrose_square_3.jpgRADIANCE OF the Father’s glory

Bringing forth light out of light,

Light of light and source of all light,

Daylight, illuminating days.


True sun, come down upon us,

Shining with brightness eternal,

And pour forth into our minds

The Holy Spirit’s brilliance.


Let us pray to the Father, too,

Father of eternal glory,

Father of all-powerful grace,

To rid us of seductive sin


And to fill us with energy,

Blunt the tooth of the envious,

Support us in times of hardship

And give us grace to endure.


May He guide and control our minds

In bodies pure and full of faith;

May our faith be fervent, burning strong,

Far from the poisons of deceit.


Let our nourishment be Christ,

Let our refreshment be the faith,

Let us with joy drink in the Spirit

Who inebriates us soberly.


May this day be spent joyfully:

May our purity be like the dawn,

May our faith be like the noontide,

May our minds never know the dusk.


As dawn moves steadily on her course

May the Dawn entire advance,

In the Father the Son entire,

In the Word the Father entire.


—St Ambrose of Milan, Splendor paternae gloriae

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