St Aphrahat: Do You Know About the Power of Pure Prayer?

Feast of St Nektarius the Wonderworker, Metropolitan of Pentapolis

Aphrahat_Square.jpegPURITY OF heart constitutes prayer more than do all the prayers that are uttered aloud, and silence united to a mind that is sincere is better than the loud voice of someone crying out.

My beloved, give me now your heart and your thought, and hear about the power of pure prayer; see how our righteous forefathers excelled in their prayer before God, and how it served them as a “pure offering” (Mal. 1.11). For it was through prayer that offerings were accepted, and it was prayer again that averted the Flood from Noah; prayer has healed barrenness, prayer has overthrown armies, prayer has revealed mysteries, prayer has divided the sea, prayer made a passage through the Jordan, it held back the sun, it made the moon stand still, it destroyed the unclean, it caused fire to descend. Prayer closed up the heaven, prayer raised up from the pit, rescued from the fire, and saved from the sea. The power of prayer, like the power of pure fasting, is very great.

—St Aphrahat the Persian Sage, On Prayer

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