St Clement of Alexandria: Is Your Mind Seated on High on a Quiet Throne?

Feast of St Samuel the Prophet

Clement_Alexandria_Square_2.jpegCULTIVATE quietness in word, quietness in deed, likewise in speech and gait; and avoid impetuous eagerness. For then the mind will remain steady, and will not be agitated by your eagerness and so become weak and of narrow discernment and see darkly; nor will it be worsted by gluttony, worsted by boiling rage, worsted by the other passions, lying a ready prey to them. For the mind, seated on high on a quiet throne looking intently towards God, must control the passions. By no means be swept away by temper in bursts of anger, nor be sluggish in speaking, nor all nervousness in movement; so that your quietness may be adorned by good proportion and your bearing may appear something divine and sacred.

—St Clement of Alexandria, To the Newly Baptized

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