St Cyril of Jerusalem: Is Your Resolve True?

Holy Friday and Feast of St Terence and His Companions Beheaded at Carthage

Cyril_Jerusalem_Square.jpgALREADY, MY dear candidates for Enlightenment, scents of paradise are wafted towards you; already you are culling mystic blossoms for the weaving of heavenly garlands; already the fragrance of the Holy Spirit has blown about you. Already you have arrived at the outer court of the palace: may the King lead you in! Now the blossom has appeared on the trees; God grant the fruit be daily harvested! Now you have enlisted; you have been called to the Colors. You have walked in procession with the tapers of brides in your hands and the desire of heavenly citizenship in your hearts; with a holy resolve also, and the confident hope which that brings in its train. For He is no liar who said: “For those who love Him, God makes all things conspire to good.” Yes, God is generous and kind; nevertheless He requires in every man a resolve that is true. That is why the Apostle adds: “For those who are called in accordance with a resolve.” It is the sincerity of your resolution that makes you “called.” It is of no use your body being here if your thoughts and heart are elsewhere.  

—St Cyril of Jerusalem, Procatechesis

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