St Gregory Palamas: Are You Holding Firmly to the Gospel?

Feast of St George the Righteous of Maleon

Gregory_Palamas_Square.jpgOUR SOUL IS like a lamp with good works for oil. Instead of a wick it holds love, upon which rests, not light, but the grace of the divine Spirit. When the oil of good works fails, the wick of love in the soul must grow cold. So the light of God’s care and love departs from those who leave virtue and put love to flight. God has turned His face from them and they are stirred up against one another. As David said, “Thou hidest thy face, they are troubled” (Ps. 104.29). Civil revolt and disorder befall us because of sin. They bring in all kinds of evil and give the prince of evil a home in the leaders of the revolt and their followers. He establishes himself within them and turns them into wild beasts. It is no exaggeration to say that he prepares them to acquire the character of demons. He who from the beginning was a murderer and hated men, now makes men murderers, antagonists to Christ, the giver of life, and, to an even greater extent, disobedient and hostile to earthly kings and their spiritual father, shepherd and teacher.

Turn back now to the way of Christ’s gospel and hold to it firmly, that your unity with one another may be ever flourishing and unbroken. Then the Lord will turn back to you and rest upon you in peace and the grace of the divine Spirit.

—St Gregory Palamas, "On Peace with One Another"

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