St Gregory Palamas: Do You Praise the Memory of the Just Mother of God?

Feast of the Dormition of the Holy Theotokos

WORDS cannot attain to what is beyond speech, just as eyes cannot stare at the sun. But though it is impossible for us to tell of things surpassing words, we can, by the love of those we extol, sing their praises, and we may use words to pay our debt, and express our longing for the Mother of God in hymns as best we can, without in any way touching the intangible. If “precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints” (Ps. 116.15), and “the memory of the just is praised” (Prov. 10.7, LXX), how much more fitting is it for us to celebrate with highest honors the memory of the ever-virgin Mother of God, the Holy of Holies, through whom the saints receive their hallowing? That is exactly what we are doing today by commemorating her holy dormition and passing away, through which, having been made a little lower than the angels (cf. Ps. 8.5), she rose incomparably higher than the angels, archangels, and all the heavenly powers above them, because of her nearness to the God of all (cf. Rom. 9.5), and the marvels written of old which were accomplished in her.  

~St Gregory Palamas, Homily on the Dormition of the Holy Mother of God

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