St Gregory the Dialogist: Do You Trust in the Bountiful Goodness of God?

Feast of St Willibald, Bishop of Eichstatt

Gregory_Great_Square.jpgDURING a time of famine the severe shortage of food was causing a great deal of suffering in Campania. At Benedict’s monastery the entire grain supply had been used up and nearly all the bread was gone as well. In fact, when mealtime came, only five loaves could be found to set before the community. Noticing how downcast they were, the saint gently reproved them for their lack of trust in God and at the same time tried to raise their dejected spirits with a comforting assurance. “Why are you so depressed at the lack of bread?” he asked. “What if today there is only a little? Tomorrow you will have more than you need.”

The next day about thirty hundredweights of flour were found in sacks at the gate of the monastery, but no one ever discovered whose services almighty God had employed in bringing them there. When they saw that had happened, the monks were filled with gratitude and learned from this miracle that even in their hour of need they must not lose faith in the bountiful goodness of God.

~St Gregory the Dialogist, Life of St Benedict


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