St John of Damascus: Are You Radiantly Keeping Feast?

Feast of the Dormition of Our Most Holy Lady the Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary

John_Damascene_Square_4.jpegI SHALL open my mouth and the Spirit will inspire it, and I shall utter the words of my song to the Queen and Mother: I shall be seen radiantly keeping feast and joyfully praising her Dormition.

O ye young virgins, raise now with Miriam the prophetess the song of departure. For the Virgin, the only Theotokos, is taken to her appointed dwelling-place in heaven.

The heavenly mansions of God fittingly received thee, O most holy, who art a living Heaven. Joyously adorned as a Bride without spot, thou standest beside our King and God.

O Mother of God, thou living and plentiful fount, give strength to those united in spiritual fellowship, who sing hymns of praise to thee: and in thy divine glory vouchsafe unto them crowns of glory.

O pure Virgin, sprung from mortal loins, thine end was conformable to nature: but because thou hast borne the true Life, thou hast departed to dwell with the divine Life Himself.

At an all-powerful command, the assembly of the apostles from the ends of the earth, and the multitude of angels from on high, made haste to Zion, there to minister in fitting manner at thy burial, O Lady.

—St John of Damascus, Mattins for the Feast of the Dormition, Canticles One and Three

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