St John of Damascus: Do You Dishonor Venerable Images?

Feast of Sts Patrobos, Gaios, Hermas, Linos & Philologos, Apostles of the 70

John_Damascene_Square_3.jpgTHE CHRISTIANOCATEGORI, or Accusers of Christians, are such and are so called, because those Christians who worship one living and true God praised in Trinity they accused of worshiping as gods, after the manner of the Greeks, the venerable images of our Lord Jesus Christ, of our immaculate lady, the holy Mother of God, of the holy angels, and of His saints. They are furthermore called Iconoclasts, because they have shown deliberate dishonor to all these same holy and venerable images and have consigned them to be broken up and burnt. Likewise, some of those painted on walls they have scraped off, while others they have obliterated with whitewash and black paint. They are also called Thymoleontes, or Lion-hearted, because, taking advantage of their authority, they have with great heart given strength to their heresy and with torment and torture visited vengeance upon those who approve of the images. This last name they have also received from their heresiarch [Leo III, the Isaurian, Greek Emperor (717-741)].

—St John of Damascus, On Heresies

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