St John of Damascus: Do You See Christ Shining Forth?

Bright Wednesday and Feast of St Crescens the Martyr

John_Damascene_square.jpgTHE DAY OF resurrection, let us be radiant, O peoples, Pascha, the Lord’s Pascha; for from death unto life, and from earth unto heaven, Christ our God has brought us over, as we sing the triumphant song.

Let us purify our senses and then we shall see in the light unapproachable of the Resurrection Christ shining forth, and we shall clearly hear him say “Rejoice!”, as we sing the triumphant song.

Let the heavens, as is fitting, rejoice, and let the earth be glad; now let the universe entire, both seen and unseen, celebrate the feast; for Christ has risen, Christ our eternal joy.

Come, let us drink a new drink, not one wondrously brought froth from a barren rock, but incorruption’s source, which pours out from the sepulcher of Christ, in whom we are established.

Now all things have been filled with light, both heaven and earth and all things beneath the earth; let all creation sing to celebrate the rising of Christ, by which it is established.

Buried yesterday with you, O Christ, and today, as you arise, I am raised with you. I was crucified with you; O Savior, grant me glory with you in your kingdom.

—St John of Damascus, The Paschal Canon

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