St Macarius of Egypt: Does Your Soul Seek the Salt of Life?

Feast of St Mary of Egypt

Macarius_Square.jpgEVERY SOUL NOT seasoned with the Holy Spirit and made a participator of the heavenly salt, which is the power of God, grows corrupt and is filled with the stench and fetidness of bad thoughts so that the countenance of God turns away from the awful stench of vain and dark thoughts and from the disorderly affections that dwell in such a soul. The harmful and wicked worms, which are the spirits of wickedness and the powers of darkness, crawl up and down in such a soul. There they feed, burrowing deeply inside. They crawl all over and devour it and thoroughly corrupt it. “My wounds stink and are festering” (Ps 38.5)

If indeed the soul takes refuge in God, believes and seeks the salt of life, which is the good and human-loving Spirit, then the heavenly salt comes and kills those ugly worms. The Spirit takes away the awful stench and cleanses the soul by the strength of his salt. Thus the soul is brought back to health and freed from its wounds by the true salt in order again to be useful and ordered to serve the Heavenly Lord. That is why even in the Law, God uses this example when he ordered that all sacrifices be salted with salt (Lv 2.2, 13).  

—St Macarius of Egypt, "An Allegorical Interpretation of the Vision Written Down by the Prophet Ezekiel"

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