St Maximus the Confessor: Are You Allowing God to Harmonize You with the Whole Universe?

Feast of St Hilary the Wonderworker

Maximus_Square_3.jpgGOD, AS HE alone knew how, completed the primary principles (logoi) of creatures and the universal essence of beings once for all. Yet He is still at work, not only preserving these creatures in their very existence (to einai) but effecting the formation, progress, and sustenance of the individual parts that are potential within them. Even now in His providence He is bringing about the assimilation of particulars to universals until He might unite creatures’ own voluntary inclination to the more universal natural principle of rational being through the movement of these particular creatures toward well-being (to eu einai), and make them harmonious and self-moving in relation to one another and to the whole universe. In this way there shall be no intentional divergence between universals and particulars. Rather, one and the same principle shall be observable throughout the universe, admitting of no differentiation by the individual modes according to which created beings are predicated, and displaying the grace of God effective to deify the universe. It is on the basis of this grace that the divine Logos, when He became man, said, “My Father is working even now, and I am working.” The Father approves this work, the Son properly carries it out, and the Holy Spirit essentially competes both the Father’s approval of it all and the Son’s execution of it, in order that the God in Trinity might be “through all in all things” (Eph. 4.6), contemplated as the whole reality proportionately in each individual creature as it is deemed worthy by grace, and in the universe altogether, just as the soul naturally indwells both the whole body and each individual part without diminishing itself.

~St. Maximus the Confessor, Ad Thalassium 2

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