St Patrick: Do You Walk in the Strength of God Trusting His Direction and Providence?

Feast of St Benedict of Nursia

ONE NIGHT I heard in my sleep a voice saying to me: “It is well that you fast, soon you will go to your own country [back to Britain from Ireland].” And again, after a short while, I heard a voice saying to me: “See, your ship is ready.” And it was not near, but at a distance of perhaps two hundred miles, and I had never been there, nor did I know a living soul there; and then I took to flight, and I left the man with whom I had stayed for six years [his slave master]. And I went in the strength of God who directed my way to my good, and I feared nothing until I came to that ship.

And the day that I arrived the ship was set afloat, and I said that I was able to pay for my passage with them. But the captain was not pleased, and with indignation he answered harshly: “It is of no use for you to ask us to go along with us.” And when I heard this, I left them in order to return to the hut where I was staying. And as I went, I began to pray; and before I had ended my prayer, I heard one of them shouting behind me, “Come, hurry, we shall take you on in good faith; make friends with us in whatever way you like.” And so on that day I refused to suck their breasts [a pagan rite of seeking protection] for fear of God, but rather hoped they would come to the faith of Jesus Christ, because they were pagans. And thus I had my way with them, and we set sail at once.

And after three days we reached land, and for twenty-eight days we travelled through deserted country. And they lacked food, and hunger overcame them; and the next day the captain said to me: “Tell me, Christian: you say that your God is great and all-powerful; why, then, do you not pray for us? As you can see, we are suffering from hunger; it is unlikely that we shall ever see a human being again.”

I said to them full of confidence: “Be truly converted with all your heart to the Lord my God (cf. Joel 2.12), because nothing is impossible for Him, that this day He may send you food on your way until you be satisfied; for He has abundance everywhere.” And, with the help of God, so it came to pass: suddenly a herd of pigs appeared on the road before our eyes, and they killed many of them; and there they stopped for two nights and fully recovered their strength, and their hounds received their fill, for many of them had grown weak and were half-dead along the way. And from that day they had plenty of food.

~St Patrick of Ireland, The Confession

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