St Symeon the New Theologian: Have You Tasted the Glory?

Feast of St Joseph the Hymnographer

Symeon_New_Square.jpgTHE REMEMBRANCE of Christ brings light to one’s mind and drives away the demons, and the light of the Holy Trinity which shines in a pure heart lifts it away from the whole world. When a man participates in this, though he is still on earth, he has a taste of the glory to come, at least in so far as he can, for although he is moved by heaven’s grace he is still wrapped in the veil of flesh.

If, when all visible reality has passed away, nothing shall exist but God, who is and ever shall be, then those who share in the riches of his grace within this world are already enjoying their riches of the age to come, even though they are still on earth. They groan in the shadows under the weight of their burden.  

—St Symeon the New Theologian, The First Chapters

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