Symposium, Consortium and a Letter from Wendell Berry

Feast of St Agathangelus the Martyr

Erin___Kevin_Square.jpegIT'S BEEN a week since the conclusion of our sixth annual symposium. I concur with a number of emails and comments I've received saying this one was our best one yet. This has happened every year thus far and it makes me stand in fear and trembling as I begin to think about next year's symposium.

One Eighth Day member attributes the success to a growing sense of community among repeat attendees. I agree. And it is absolutely wonderful for that growing sense of community to be among Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants. This is how we will overcome our divisions and fulfill Christ's prayer that we be one.

The image to the left is me with Kevin Brown, a gentleman who discovered us through Rod Dreher's blog on The American Conservative. He is interested in starting a Hall of Men in his home town of Cleveland. We have about 10 other guys interested in doing the same in their respective cities. So we're hard at work developing the Consortium for Cultural Renewal, which will, among other things, help other cities replicate our work.

Speaking of Rod Dreher, if you haven't already seen it, here's what he thought about the weekend. And here is his reflection on the breakout session he attended on the Benedict Option by local farmer and educator James Lewis.

Finally, I received a response back from Wendell Berry answering three questions I posed to him related to the symposium. Read those here.

In Christ,

Erin John

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