What Would Pascal Say? Dale Allison on Pascal, Part 5

Feast of St Andrew the First-Called Apostle

Clear_Creek_Square.jpegI RECEIVED an email from an Eighth Day Member yesterday that delighted me. In light of that email, which I've pasted below, I've attached an additional clip from Dale Allison's lecture on Pascal.

From an Eighth Day Member:

The last video clip of Dale Allison made a big impression on me the night he spoke at HoM. Since that night... Continue Reading

The Exponenital Growth of Screens: Dale Allison on Pascal, Part 4

Feast of St Catherine the Great Martyr of Alexandria

Pascal_Square.jpegIN THIS fourth installment, Dr Allison tells us why he finds Pascal so timely. He says the most important fact in his lifetime is the exponential growth of screens. And Pascal helps us understand this phenomenon.

Enjoy! And don't forget to check out our Thanksgiving offer, along with details about our revived Christmas Feast. The offer expires Dec 1, as... Continue Reading

The Grandeur of the Human Soul: Dale Allison on Pascal, Part 3

Feast of Our Holy Father Clement, Pope of Rome

Pascal_Square_2.jpgIN THIS THIRD offering of Dale Allison's presentation on Pascal at the Hall of Men, we finally get to hear more from Dale than Pascal. In the first two minutes, Dale offers a wonderful reflection on a short expression in Pascal's Pensees: "The grandeur of the human soul."

The last three minutes are bonus material that I'll let you discover for... Continue Reading

Restless Kings: Dale Allison on Pascal, Part 2

Feast of St Amphilochius, Bishop of Iconium

Benedict_Square.jpgSINCE THE early 2000s, Rod Dreher has been peddling a project for cultural renewal that he calls "The Benedict Option." He has described Eighth Day Institute as"the spiritual heart of the Benedict Option." You should come to our sixth annual symposium on Jan 14-16 to learn more about it directly from Dreher.

The Hall of Men is the first way we began to flesh out... Continue Reading

The Desire for Rest: Dale Allison on Pascal, Part 1

Feast of St Proclus, Archbishop of Constantinople

Dale_Allison_at_HoM_Square.jpegHERE'S YOUR LIMITED chance to take a peek into the world of the Hall of Men at Eighth Day Institute.

This is the first of four clips from a Hall of Men gathering earlier this year with renowned biblical scholar Dale Allison presenting Blaise Pascal. Per request of the presenter, these clips will only be available for a limited time, so take advantage... Continue Reading