Daily_Word_Square.jpgOn Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays we offer here brief readings from the Fathers of the Church, both Eastern & Western, ancient & recent. The Fathers who penned these words are speaking to you personally—note each entry's title. They seek to spur you on, to encourage you to run with endurance the race set before you. Sign up for the Eighth Day Digest and receive these posts weekly.


Essays___Reflections_Square.jpgWe offer here reflections (short and personal, up to 500 words) and essays (longer and sometimes more scholarly, up to 1200 words) categorized like the Eighth Day Books Catalog: Of Books, Culture & Learning; The Spiritual Life; Athletes of Prayer; Theology & Patristics; Church History; Scripture & Biblical Studies; Liturgy & Worship; Ways of Seeing; Philosophy & Religion; The Modern World, Science & God; C. S. Lewis & Friends; and Books of Timeless Interest. We've also added "Marriage & Family", "Symposium Reflections", "Inklings Fest Reflections", and "Great Conversations." Sign up for the Eighth Day Digest and receive at least one new "Essay & Reflection" weekly.


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