The Burning Bush

Feast of St John Climacus; Holy Friday (West)
The Burning Bush: On the Orthodox Veneration of the Mother of God by Sergius Bulgakov; translated by Thomas Allan Smith

THE FIRST component of Bulgakov’s “minor theological trilogy” develops a Mariology deeply rooted in patristics, liturgical devotion, and Old Testament prefiguration. The great twentieth-century Russian theologian engages the Catholic dogma of the Immaculate Conception as he considers the sinlessness and sanctity of Mary as expressed in the Gospel and in the hymnography of the Eastern Orthodox Church. Though Bulgakov’s controversial Sophiology is expounded here, the real heart of his consideration lies in Moses’ vision of Mary in the Burning Bush, an appearance of glory that reaches its fulfillment when the Old Testament veil is finally removed by her appearance in the world, her divine Motherhood, and the Incarnation of the Word who took flesh from her.

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