Archimandrite Vasileios: Do You Fear God's Ineffable Goodness?

Feast of Sts Methodius & Cyril, Equal-to-the-Apostles

Vasileios_Square.jpg“I AM HE WHO IS” (Ex. 3.14) means that I am He who is not, the non-being, the One who is non-existent in respect to all the faculties you possess: sense, knowledge, and intuition. But while that is the way it is, and you are aware of it—I, the beyond-being, come down, I empty myself, I approach you, I become one with you... Continue Reading

St Basil the Great: Do You Seek Truth as Medicine?

Feast of the Holy Prophet Isaiah

Basil_Square.jpgMY WELL-BELOVED and most honorable brother Amphilochios: I applaud your love of learning and your diligence in study. Indeed, I am amazed by the care and sobriety of your thoughts, particularly when you say that none of the words used to describe God should be passed over without exact examination, no matter what their context. You have profited from the Lord’s exhortation, “Every one... Continue Reading

Fr Andrew Louth: Are You Standing Before God?

Feast of St John the Apostle, Evangelist & Theologian

Louth_Square.jpgWE FIND OURSELVES standing before the mystery of a God who is beyond knowledge. And it is from this point that I want to indicate our next steps. We stand before God. We are always standing before God, for there is no place where God is not, as opposed to a place where he is: wherever we are we are before... Continue Reading

St John Kronstadt: Do You Communicate with Saints?

Feast of St Cyril of Jerusalem

John_Kronstadt_Square_2.jpgYOU DO NOT understand how the saints in Heaven can hear us when we pray to them. But how do the rays of the sun bend down from Heaven to us, lighting everything throughout the earth? The saints in the spiritual world are like the rays of the sun in the material world. God is the eternal, life-giving Sun, and the saints are the... Continue Reading

C. S. Lewis: Do You Choose Earth or Heaven?

Feast of St Job the Prophet

Lewis_Square_2.jpgI DO NOT THINK all who choose wrong roads perish; but their rescue consists in being put back on the right road. A wrong sum can be put right: but only by going back till you find the error and working it afresh from that point, never by simply going on. Evil can be undone, but it cannot “develop” into good. Time does not... Continue Reading

St Nicholas Cabasilas: Are You Laying Hold on Eternal Life?

Feast of St Irene the Great Martyr

Cabasilas_Square.jpgTHE LIFE IN Christ originates in this life and arises from it. It is perfected, however, in the life to come, when we shall have reached that last day. If the life to come were to admit those who lack the faculties and senses necessary for it, it would avail nothing for their happiness, but they would be dead and miserable... Continue Reading

St Dionysius: Have You Taken Flight?

Feast of St Pelagia the Nun-martyr of Tarsus

Dionysius_Square.jpgIN THE SCRIPTURES the Deity has benevolently taught us that understanding and direct contemplation of itself is inaccessible to beings, since it actually surpasses being. Many scripture writers will tell you that the divinity is not only invisible (cf. Col. 1.15; 1 Tim. 1.17; Heb. 11.27) and incomprehensible, but also “unsearchable and inscrutable” (Rom. 11.33), since there is not a trace for... Continue Reading

Thomas F. Torrance: Are You Wrestling with the Mystery?

Feast of Hesperos & Zoe the Righteous

Torrance_Square_2.jpgWE KNOW CHRIST by acknowledging him, by confessing him as Lord and God. In other words, in knowing Christ, we acknowledge that what confronts us is revelation, revelation that tells us that here is true man and true God. The very mystery we acknowledge in knowing him, that we human beings know God, we see to repose in the mystery of the person... Continue Reading

Archimandrite Justin Popović: Are You Living Worthy of the Mystery?

Feast of Jeremiah the Prophet

Justin_Popovic_Square.jpgTHE WHOLE mystery of the Christian faith is found in the Church; the whole mystery of the Church is in the God-Man; the whole mystery of the God-Man lies in the fact that God became flesh and brought His entire Godhead, with all His divine values and perfection, with all the mysteries of God, into that flesh. The entire Gospel of the Theanthropos [God-Man], the... Continue Reading

St Cyril of Alexandria: Is God's Life Operative in Your Flesh?

Feast of James the Apostle & Brother of St John the Theologian

Cyril_Alexandria_Square.jpgAND THE WORD became flesh” (Jn. 1.14a). With this verse the Evangelist enters explicitly upon his discourse on the Incarnation. For he explains clearly that the Only-begotten one both became and was called a son of man. For the statement that the Word became flesh means that and nothing else: it is like saying that the Word became... Continue Reading

St Irenaeus of Lyons: Are You Participating in Incorruptibility?

Feast of Jason & Sosipater the Apostles of the 70 & their Companions

Irenaeus_Square.jpgTHE PROPHETS were sent from God; by the Holy Spirit they admonished the people and returned them to the God of the patriarchs, the Almighty, and were made heralds of the revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, announcing that his flesh would blossom from the seed of David (cf. Is. 11.1), that He... Continue Reading

St Hilary of Poitiers: Be Careful When You Speak of the Ineffable!

Feast of the Holy Nine Martyrs of Cyzicus

Hilary_Poitiers_Square.jpgTHE WORD OF GOD, together with the very power of its own truth which we received from the testimony of the Evangelist, was sufficient for those who believe, since He says: “Going now, teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded... Continue Reading

St Gregory the Theologian: Are You Being Smoothed into Beauty?

Feast of the Holy Hieromartyr Symeon, Kinsman of the Lord

Gregory_Theologian_Square_2.jpgDISCUSSION OF theology is not for everyone, I tell you, not for everyone—it is no such inexpensive or effortless pursuit. Nor, I would add, is it for every occasion, or every audience, neither are all its aspects open to inquiry. It must be reserved for certain occasions, for certain audiences, and certain limits must be observed. It is not for... Continue Reading

St Athanasius: Are You Guarding Christ's Likeness?

Feast of St Mark the Apostle & Evangelist

Athanasius_Square_2.jpgSPEAKING OF the manifestation of the Savior to us, it is necessary also to speak of the origin of human beings, in order that you might know that our own cause was the occasion of his descent and that our own transgression evoked the Word’s love for human beings, so that the Lord both came to us and appeared among human beings.... Continue Reading

St Gregory the Dialogist: Are You Standing in the Citadel?

Feast of St Elizabeth the Wonderworker

Gregory_Great_Square.jpgTHE EASE OF indolence is represented by sleep, and physical labor by getting up. And the desire for rest is represented by the word evening, something associated with sleep. But the holy church, for as long as she continues in a life of corruption, unceasingly laments what she has lost through her mutability. For the first human was created for this purpose: that, with... Continue Reading

St Bernard: Are You Imitating the Model of Meekness?

Feast of St George the Great Martyr

Bernard_Square.jpgBEFORE I SPEAK of the different steps of humility—which indeed St Benedict does not ask us to count but to climb—I will first try to show what we may expect to find at the top. The toil will be easier if we have the profit before our eyes. Our Lord shows us plainly both the difficulty and the reward of the work. “I... Continue Reading

St Athanasius: Are You Virtuous Like Christ?

Feast of Sts Nathaniel, Luke & Clemente the Apostles

Athanasius_Square.jpgBUT IN ADDITION to the study and true knowledge of the scriptures, there is needed a good life and a pure soul and the virtue which is according to Christ, so that the mind, guided by it, may be able to attain and comprehend what it desires, as far as it is possible for human nature to learn about... Continue Reading

St Anselm: Are You Seeking the Face of God?

Feast of St Anselm

Anselm_Square.jpgINSIGNIFICANT MAN, escape from your everyday business for a short while, hide for a moment from your restless thoughts. Break off from your cares and troubles and be less concerned about your tasks and labors. Make a little time for God and rest a while in him. Enter into your mind’s inner chamber. Shut out everything but God and whatever helps you to seek him; and... Continue Reading

Abba Nicon: Do You Show Compassion?

Feast of Zacchaeus the Apostle of Caesaria

Desert_Father_Square.jpgA BROTHER asked one of the Fathers saying: “How does the devil present temptations to the saints?” The old man said to him, “There was one of the Fathers, named Nicon, who lived on Mount Sinai. And someone went into a Pharanite’s tent and finding his daughter alone, sinned with her. Then he said to her, “Say it was the anchorite, Abba Nicon,... Continue Reading

St Gregory Palamas: Does Laziness Keep You from Sunday Gatherings?

Bright Saturday and Feast of Holy Father John the Righteous

Gregory_Palamas_Square_2.jpgYOU WILL UNDERSTAND how much better Sunday is than other feast days from what follows. Every other festival comes round once a year, but the Lord’s Day comes round four times every month, and this frequent recurrence makes the whole year a year of true remission for us, a year acceptable to the Lord (cf. Is. 61.2). It was in... Continue Reading