The Ladder

the LADDER: a private MEETING HALL where the HEIGHTS are ASCENDED by promoting the LOVE of LEARNING and DESIRE for GOD, facilitating DIALOGUE, strengthening FAITH, affirming BEING, spreading CHEER, & renewing CULTURE.

ladder_interior.jpgThe Ladder is located at 2836 E. Douglas, directly west of Eighth Day Books and behind Hannah Banana. Currently, it serves as the headquarters for Eighth Day Institute and is used for the Hall of Men, Feasts, Lecture-and-Film series, The Society of Simple Souls, Table Talks, Language Instruction (Homeric and Biblical Greek), concerts, and private meetings.

We hope The Ladder can evolve into a coffee-shop pub that connects to Eighth Day Books with a large patio between the two buildings. If you would like to help us make that a reality, please make a tax-deductible donation here and designate it for “The Ladder.”


If you are interested in using the Ladder for a book group or any other private event, please contact us for more information. Or become an Eighth Day Member for limited or full access to The Ladder.

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