The Luminous Dusk by Dale Allison

Feast of the Circumcision of Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and St Basil the Great
The Luminous Dusk: Finding God in the Deep Still Places by Dale C. Allison Jr.

Luminous_Dusk_cover_Square.jpgWHEN WE CONSIDER homo sapiens in his environment, there are certain constraints and variables to be considered. The variables mostly involve his environment, and the modern world has confronted him with changes in those conditions so radical as to defy comparison with those of any other age. The constants are the realities of his kinship with the beasts and his ineradicable desire for transcendence, for participation in divine life. Unless we are Gnostics, we must admit the inevitability of the impact of environment on human nature, and therefore ponder our own remarkable age. The nine essays contained in this book provoke us to do just that. Allison, a biblical scholar with interests ranging from science and literature to popular culture, asks us to take note of uniquely modern conditions so pervasive as to be invisible: the separation of most of us from the natural world, the absence of silence, the availability of artificial light, the attention to celebrity rather than heroism or sanctity, the multiplication of distraction, the impoverishment of the imagination. In prose elegant yet precise, and the use of ancient and modern sources astonishing in breadth, we are unrelentingly called to pay attention, to wonder, and finally to choose between an existence of numb mediocrity or divine ascent.

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