The Noetics of Nature

Feast of Sts Alexander & Antonina the Martyrs
The Noetics of Nature: Environmental Philosophy and the Holy Beauty of the Visible by Bruce V. Foltz

Noetics_of_Nature_square.jpgWhen you look at the natural world around you, what do you see? Purely physical matter, valuable apart from any link with the supernatural? Many sense an intuitive link between science and this “materialist” perspective, assuming that scientific discovery depends on preserving the independence of nature from any interference of the supernatural. It is only one step further to believe that care of the environment, too, is best supported by a materialist outlook. Bruce Foltz, however, argues that the eras that saw the least connection between nature and the supernatural are also the eras when the natural world has been most exploited. He explores the philosophical implications of “deep ecology” and various angles of a phenomenology of nature. What does it mean to see nature as “gift?” As “icon?” As a veil to the glory of God? Foltz, an Eastern Orthodox philosopher, interacts lucidly with key western philosophers who provide resources to answer these questions—Heidegger, Traherne, Muir, and others—but draws most richly from eastern Christian thought: patristics, Byzantine writing, Dostoevsky’s fiction, and contemporary philosophy. “Does Christianity cause global warming?” he asks, or does the most authentically Christian phenomenology raise the value of Earth by making it a window to heaven?

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