The Round Table with a Twist: For or Against Amazon?

Feast of St Macarius the Great

Round_Table_Square.jpegA GROUP of gentlemen in Newton, KS meet monthly to engage in civil and thoughtful conversation. They call themselves Pipes & Pints and they are the fruit of their experience at the Hall of Men. Several of our guys have attended their meetings and liked them so much that they convinced us to try out their format. The Hall of Men has done so three times, and each time it has been a fantastic experience, particularly in terms of ecumenical dialogue. 

We liked it so much, in fact, that we've decided to make it a monthly Eighth Day Institute event: first Tuesdays of every month at The Ladder. Because the format is so effective at facilitating great conversations and authentic ecumenical dialogue, we don't want to limit it to men. So we're calling it the Eighth Day Round Table and we're inviting all ladies and gentlemen to participate. Our good friend and EDI Board Member Nick Pohlenz will be the moderator.

We've had a delightful time at our first two meetings in December and January, discussion contraception, the role of miracles in the modern world, how feminism has impacted men and masculinity, why suicide rates are skyrocketing and what we can do about it, and others.

Here's the original format: At 6:45 pm., anyone interested in pitching a topic gets thirty seconds to use their rhetorical skills to convince us their proposal deserves discussion. Proposed topics are ranked by secret ballot, tallied in real time, and then taken in sequence, third-ranked to first-ranked question. Each topic is given about 30 minutes of discussion, with a ten-minute break in between each round.

But we're going to throw a new twist into the format. In consultation with moderator Nick Pohlenz and several of the past attendees, I have chosen a question for the next meeting on February 6, provoked by a beautiful little booklet I purchased from Eighth Day Books: Against Amazon: Seven Arguments / One Manifesto: Is there a justifiably moral rationale to boycott Amazon? In other words, are you for or against Amazon and why or why not?

Now here's the reason for the insertion of this question. At the February meeting, we'll still democratically elect the top 3 questions for dialogue. We'll discuss #3, #2, and then the Amazon question, reserving the top choice question for the following meeting in March. This will allow us to offer some more specific promotion for the event, but more importantly, it will provide you with a month to reflect on the question, to find a book or essay or poem to bring to the table at the next meeting. 

So in this instance, I encourage you to go purchase a copy of the booklet, read it, and come prepared for an exciting discussion about Amazon!

See you February 6 for a dialogue of love and truth,
Director Doom

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