The Two Happiest Places on the Planet

Feast of St John Chrysostom, Archbishop of Constantinople

Rod_Dreher.jpgROD DREHER is sometimes accused of being an angry pessimist. I beg to differ.

I admit, he is a realist and he isn't afraid to speak the truth. But that's a good thing, even if it frequently offends.

Rod is a kind, southern gentleman. I've experienced it first hand many times. He was sheer delight at our symposium back in January. And since then, he has kindly sung our praises on his blog at The American Conservative.

In his most recent round of Eighth Day raving, he said Eighth Day Books and Eighth Day Institute "are the two happiest places on the planet."

He also said that our "little community on the prairie is the spiritual heart of the Benedict Option."

If you don't know about the Benedict Option, you need to start reading Dreher's blog. You also need to come to our sixth annual Eighth Day Symposium. He'll be with us again, talking about the Benedict Option.

And for those who think he's a pessimist, please tell me why he is constantly holding up communities like ours as models of his Benedict Option. The Benedict Option is the most optimistic project I know of. Our culture desperately needs it.

Thank you, Rod, for being a kind, optimistic realist. And thank you for encouraging endeavors like ours.


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