This Week at The Ladder: Society of Simple Souls and Fall Table Talks

Feast of St Cosmos the Hagiopolite

Ladder_of_Ascent_Close_Up_Square.jpgTHE SOCIETY of Simple Souls meets this Thursday evening, 7 pm at The Ladder. They'll continue reading their way through The Ball and the Cross by G. K. Chesterton at chapter 5. Don't fret if you've missed previous meetings, you'll still enjoy it immensely. Bring food to share if you'd like, and bring a friend or two.

Our Fall Table Talks continue on Saturday at The Ladder with Director Doom presenting "For the Life of a Secular Age: On Church Fathers and Canonical Traditions." Sixth hour prayer begins at noon, followed by the lecture, and then discussion over lunch. Please register now so we can plan lunch properly.

We hope to see you this week!

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