Three Tasks for EDI's Second Decade

Feast of the Great Martyr Anastasia of Rome

Bible__Fathers__Latin.JPGTEN YEARS ago Eighth Day Institute was merely an idea. The idea was born while serving as a missionary in Latin America. It began to grow during my employment at Eighth Day Books. And then it began to take flesh.

The fall of 2006 was a turning point. Although we weren’t even a legal entity at that time, we called ourselves St. John of Damascus Institute. And we offered three classes: 1) The Bible and the Fathers; 2) The Great Books of the Christian Tradition; and 3) Latin (see attached image of original brochure).

We’ve grown and developed immensely since 2006. When I look back at all that you have helped me accomplish since that first step (see timeline here), I am humbled and amazed. My gratitude is beyond articulation.

We're at another turning point in 2016. It is now time to move into our second phase of work. As we look forward into the next decade, I see three tasks:

  1. Consistency of existing work with support staff – for you!
  2. Development of Catechetical Academy – for our youth!
  3. Development of Consortium for Cultural Renewal – for your cities!

To help us begin moving in that direction, we have set a goal of raising $60,000 by December 31. This will set us on solid ground for our transition into a new decade as we set out to establish consistency and as we begin developing the Catechetical Academy and the Consortium for Cultural Renewal.

There are several ways you can help.

1. Please consider offering a tax-deductible gift today. Click here for a special offer that is good through Christmas Eve.

2. Help us spread the word:

  • If you haven’t already done so, visit our Facebook page and share our posts.
  • And please forward our emails to any like-minded friends who care about the renewal of our culture.

3. Let us know if you are interested in volunteering. There are many ways you can help.

Thank you so much for playing such an important role in stabilizing and developing Eighth Day Institute’s work of cultural renewal!

In Christ,

Erin “John” Doom

Founder & Director, Eighth Day Institute

P.S. Will you help us reach our goal of $60,000 with a sacrificial end-of-year contribution? Our stability and development depends on you.

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