Typographer_Drop_Cap_W.jpgelcome to the Eighth Day Community! Eighth Day Institute is an educational non-profit that grew out of Erin Doom's eight years of employment at Eighth Day Books. Our mission of "renewing culture through faith and learning" is carried out through educational endeavors that seek to accomplish what Eighth Day Books does as a bookstore: connect people to the classics which shed light on ultimate questions and expose people to the teaching of the Holy Fathers of the Christian Church.

We hope you'll explore our site and join us in our endeavors. Maybe we'll meet you in Wichita for one of our gatherings, whether it's The Hall of Men, our annual Eighth Day Symposium, or one of our many feasts (visit The Feasts. Or, maybe we'll have the honor of introducing ourselves to you through one of our blogs (visit The Blogs) or printed publications(visit The Printed Word). However we connect, we hope you'll get to know us (visit The Story - under construction) and consider supporting our humble and ever-expanding efforts through Eighth Day Membership.

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