What Would Pascal Say? Dale Allison on Pascal, Part 5

Feast of St Andrew the First-Called Apostle

Clear_Creek_Square.jpegI RECEIVED an email from an Eighth Day Member yesterday that delighted me. In light of that email, which I've pasted below, I've attached an additional clip from Dale Allison's lecture on Pascal.

From an Eighth Day Member:

The last video clip of Dale Allison made a big impression on me the night he spoke at HoM. Since that night I haven't listened to the radio in my truck. I decided it would be a good time to pray and listen for words from the Lord. It would be one less distraction in my life. Some mornings and evenings are good prayer times and sometimes I only hear my thoughts and don't remember to pray. It's been good overall. I still have plenty of other distractions.

This delighted me because, for the most part, I follow the same practice. Time alone in my vehicle is the perfect opportunity for silence and prayer. So I seize it as often as I can.

Monks build silence and prayer into their day by living in a monastery.

How do you build silence and prayer into your day?


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