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Wichita Annual Membership

Let us ascend to the heavenly realm where the great things of time are decided so we may descend into earthly time where the great things of culture are created. ~Director Doom

If you are feeling down and out and hopeless about our culture, go to Wichita, KS and see what this community on the prairie has accomplished. You might be inspired to go home and try it yourself. ~Rod Dreher


DONOR for $120
 Access to Premium Digital Content on EDI Website
Invitation to Private Eighth Day Member Facebook Group

FRIEND for $240
Plus subscription to Synaxis
Plus 15% off all EDI events

PATRON for $480
Plus 60% off Symposium
Plus 10% discount at Eighth Day Books
Plus access to 1st floor of The Ladder
*Includes complimentary coffee and use of 1st floor library

Plus free Symposium
Plus all-hour access to 1st and 2nd floor of The Ladder
*Includes use of 2nd floor library with journals and articles
**Includes quiet study space and private meeting room

PILLAR for $1,440
Plus one evening at The Ladder with a Main Event Speaker
Plus freedom to bring up to 2 guests to The Ladder

PARTNER for $2,400
Plus all events free with 1 guest
Plus one private dinner with a Main Event Speaker
Plus personalized beer stein and coffee mug displayed at The Ladder

Those who have given over $10,000 cumulatively acknowledged on wood carved sign at The Ladder

Prefer to have monthly donations made automatically and from Wichita? Click here to set up a monthly membership.

Not ready to become a full-blown MEMBER? We also welcome one time donations. Click here to make a one time donation. 

THANK YOU for supporting our work of renewing culture through faith and learning by becoming an Eighth Day Member. We look forward to meeting you!