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High_Quality_EDI_Monk_Image_Small.jpegFOR ALL those who responded to our survey about what Eighth Day Institute is and why it exists, many thanks!

The respondents come from six different states, are represented by five Catholics, four Orthodox, and twelve Protestants, and are all Eighth Day Members.

I am grateful and encouraged by your kind words.

The Board of Directors is currently working on a strategic plan for EDI's future. Part of that plan includes clarification of who we are and why we do what we do. Your input will be taken into consideration as we articulate a clear mission and vision for all of us to embrace so that we can articulate it clearly to friends and inquirers.

Here's what you said (in random order):

Wichita Catholic:
1) Eighth Day Institute is a gathering of Christians who seek the truth of Christ flowing from Apostolic Tradition.

2) Eighth Day Institute exists to show the apostolicity of culture through the ages and to teach that Christ gave us a shared Tradition that forms culture.

Kansas Protestant:
1) Eighth Day Institute is an ecumenical dialogue / gathering that facilitates free discussion and welcomes many perspectives for the renewal of culture through faith and learning.

2) Eighth Day Institute exists to promote a better understanding of how deeply connected Christians from all traditions are, i.e., that we are already part of the same family.

Arizona Unknown:
1) Eighth Day Institute is a community dedicated to the pursuit of Truth and a deep understanding of the triune God across the fullness of historic Christianity.

2) Eighth Day Institute exists to renew our culture through first, purposeful interactions with the best of the Christian tradition, and second, lives lived in light of the truth of these ideas.

Wichita Catholic:
1) What is Eighth Day Institute?  I've found it to be a Christian but broadly open-minded and accepting apostolate, very tolerant of diverse views of and approaches to Christianity and both kindly encouraging diversity and tolerance and showing patience with those who aren't so tolerant.  It's stated focus has more to do with focus on culture (which is appropriate) and tends to focus on “The good, the true, and the beautiful.”  In general the people leading/guiding it seem to be seeking Truth.  It provides symposiums, study/social groups, online readings and publications that enrich us spiritually and broaden our knowledge in positive ways helping us to be open to God and Christ.

2) Why does Eighth Day Institute exist? - To do all of the above.  While the group I initially became acquainted with - Society of Simple Souls - tended to emphasize knowledge of classic literature (which I'm very lacking), the people attending it appreciated what is good and noble.  An outstanding example was when a young man challenged us all (and our prejudices) to read the Ramayana (a Hindu religious/holy book) and we were amazed and impressed with some of the profound wisdom in it which was very compatible with Christian ideals.  I think at times discussion tended to leave out people who were not well read, but by listening I learned a great deal from their sharing of knowledge of the classics and was blessed with sharing and listening to various people's reflection/thinking on Christian ideals and concepts of our relationship with God and Christ.  The great part of it was that most people were tolerant and while one person could seem to be kind of stunted in one concept or area, they could be very insightful in other ways.

Kansas Protestant:
1) Eighth Day Institute is a place where people of different faiths can talk about spiritual issues, grounded in the Creeds. My health is not good, so I can’t attend with the regularity I would like to. I like the mailings (I eventually get to them) and have really appreciated the seminars I’ve attended.

2) I believe that Eighth Day Institute exists to help create dialogue between people of different faiths. We need more of this dialogue in today’s world, but the conversation has to have some depth of knowledge behind it. Eighth Day Institute is fostering this informed conversation. Things go slow, because many people of faith are polarized. In the seminars I have attended, I have appreciated the broad spectrum of belief that the presenters represent. I don’t agree with all, obviously, but the depth and commitment to learning and growing in the faith tradition each has chosen helps me as I continue to seek to deepen my faith.

Tennessee Protestant:
1) Eighth Day Institute is an organization that seeks to renew culture through faith and learning. It is ecumenical, grounded in its affirmation of Nicene Christianity. It hosts educational and fellowship opportunities including symposia, reading groups, feasts, lectures and discussions, men’s and women’s gatherings, and various other regular and occasional offerings.

2) Eighth Day Institute exists to draw together Christians—Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant—in love and fellowship, in an atmosphere of mutual respect, where they may be challenged, edified, enlivened, and equipped to grow in the faith and to better reflect the light of Christ in their own local and ecclesial contexts.

Wichita Protestant:
1) What? Eighth Day Institute is an organization dedicated to learning and dialogue among Christian's from various faith traditions. It's a decrepit book-filled building that smells like smoke and ideas. It offers opportunities to learn from ancient fathers, mothers, and Christ living among us.

2) Why? Because we need hope. For people like me, EDI is a source of hope and so we offer our time and some of our money to keep it going. As Jesus said, “the world will give you trouble...” and EDI is a deep well to draw from to know that Jesus has and is overcoming the world. It’s a place to join others in dialogue and study in the worthy cause to renew culture. Mostly though, it gives us hope. Please don’t ever let it die.

Arkansas Protestant:
I enjoy Eighth Day Institute for several reasons. I enjoy the variety and good natured differences at the conferences I've attended. I greatly appreciate being with committed Christian people, who share “mere Christianity” but attend different fellowships.  

As a Protestant, who didn’t learn anything about the church fathers as a young person, I love being exposed to a veritable treasure chest of writings that belong to all Christians. 

I appreciate Eighth Day Institute for working to change salt or leaven.  I want to be a part of those kinds of efforts. I try do that in my home community and church, and I find it stimulating and joyous to be exposed to others who take their faith seriously. I learn from other’s situations and concerns. Thank you, please keep up the good work.

Wichita Catholic:
The Eighth Day Institute is like an intellectual version of “Cheers.” A good place to call home. The Christian culture and beliefs profoundly brought to us by true thinkers, past and present. Also, we need a way to ban together as a bastion of Christians protecting our faith and way of life from the movement in our world based on what is truly evil. To many people don’t realize that true evil exists and we, as members have stand up against it. Where are the watchmen, They are us.

Nebraska Catholic:
I live about 300 miles from Wichita so my comments may not be as relevant. I see Eighth Day Institute as a crossroads of faiths that have the common goal of seeking the person of Christ through several directions: (1) the Transcendentals of goodness, truth, and beauty; (2) the Church Fathers (and Mothers); (3) literature and great thoughts; and (4) in particular, deepening lives of prayer. It is a radical and joyful engagement of life at poetic and spiritual depths in an Inkling-like atmosphere of comradery with other like-minded souls. I do not see EDI as always addressing the culture directly except through our transformed lives and passionate love of truth and life itself.

Wichita Protestant:
EDI is an educational institute that offers programs and lectures to provide information based on the classics in order to positively influence the culture.

Oklahoma Protestant:
From what I know about Eighth Day Institute, I see it as a place of coming together to better discover the truths and mysteries of Christ and the Kingdom of God in a wider ecumenical, yet orthodox, setting. I see the purpose of EDI as one of creating a counter-cultural “community” of those who are strangers in a strange land, and who are on their pilgrimage toward home.

Wichita Orthodox:
1) What is EDI? EDI is a fellowship of Christians of Nicene faith who work toward “the renewal of culture through faith and learning.”

2) Why does EDI exist? Because of the vision of its Founder, Erin Doom, for a gap year program for youth, grounding them in the western canon and spiritual formation before entering college. Along the way toward fulfillment of that vision, it naturally expanded to include all who desire to enrich their faith and transform the grassroots culture surrounding them.

Wichita Orthodox:
1) EDI is a gathering of Christians who hold a common dedication to the ancient and universal Christian tradition of teaching and life, as expressed Scripturally, doctrinally, liturgically, and sacramentally.

2) Its purpose is to find common ground as well as to discuss honestly our differences, in a context of love of truth and of neighbor, and to find ways of working together to foster both Christian unity and cultural renewal.

Wichita Protestant:
1) EDI is an ecumenical gathering for Christian education with a focus on Church heros.

2) Why? To commune with other Christians and explore / discuss our common history.

Wichita Protestant:
1) EDI is an institute presenting the depth and beauty of the old traditions: teaching us the way to understand our place in the modern world.

2) EDI exists to facilitate the renewal of tradition, wonder, and seeking meaning as a culture in the everyday dance of life and faith.

Wichita Protestant:
1) EDI is an ecumenically driven gathering of Christians around a dialogue of love for the sake of renewing faith and culture, here in Wichita, and then throughout the world.

2) Why? Because our world desperately needs Christians to be Christians for the sake of others. We need to recapture our sense of wonder, urge one another on in the pursuit of truth, and boldly confess the faith once delivered to the saints.

Wichita Protestant:
1) EDI promotes true Christian ecumenism through engaging culture to transform culture.

2) EDI exists to communicate the life-giving Gospel of Jesus Christ through love, culture, and education.

Wichita Orthodox:
1) EDI is a forum to bring together like-minded Christians from different faith traditions.

2) EDI exists to: 1) positively impact the culture; 2) to introduce us to great thinkers and authors from different faith traditions; 3) to encourage ecumenism; and 4) to cultivate friendships among Christians.

Wichita Protestant:
EDI is an ecumenical organization which holds to the authority of Scripture, the Nicene Creed, and the Church Fathers and seeks to pass on a way for living in our culture in the light of Christ and His Church. Within our differences we seek a common path to renew culture together through faith and learning.

Wichita Orthodox:
1) EDI is a Christian 501(c)(3) organization that seeks to renew culture through faith and learning by promoting an ecumenical dialogue of love and truth with an emphasis on the classics of Western Civilization, which shed light on ultimate questions, and the early Christian Tradition, which all Christians held in common for at least the first 1000 years of the Church’s history.

2) EDI exists because Western culture is decaying, Christendom is divided, and too many Christians have forgotten their common heritage in the early Christian Tradition.

Wichita Orthodox:
1) EDI is an educational institute dedicated to the promotion of classical, historic Christian culture, exemplified by the achievements of the Church Fathers.

2) EDI exists to promote the ideals of historic Christian culture in the modern cultural context.

If you've read all the way through these responses and believe Eighth Day Institute is an important endeavor for our culture, please consider supporting our work today with a one-time donation or through Eighth Day Membership.


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