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latest HERO from the HALL

T. F. Torrance: Godly Patristic Theologian with Holy Ghost Logic

Torrance believed the Nicene Creed was the key to the renewal of the Christian Church in the twentieth century in that it offered an ecumenical way forward. Read Here

2015 First Annual Inkling Festival

Color_Eagle_and_Child_Square.jpgWe had an amazing weekend of festivities. It was so great, we promise there will be a second annual Inkling Festival. We already have Ralph Wood scheduled and are exploring other speakers, including a return visit by Louis Markos.

If you were unable to join us, you missed, among many other things, dynamite lectures on the Inklings by Louis Markos. BECOME AN EIGHTH DAY MEMBER for EXCLUSIVE DIGITAL ACCESS!

2015 Summer Appeal Letter by Board President Tom Rhein

Eighth_Day_Members_Thermometer.jpg"People of Wichita, attend! You have this in your town!"  —Rod Dreher

My Dear Friends,

Whether you're from Wichita or not, we're so grateful for your support, which has already made 2015 our most successful year to-date. Would you believe that just one a year ago we were supported by a mere 26 members and were seriously questioning the feasibility of keeping the Institute going? Looking at where we are today, I have a hard time believing it myself! Our membership is now over 100 and growing steadily. Our revamped website and blog are bringing our “dialogue of love” to the internet. The Hall of Men continues to attract first-rate speakers. And how about that Symposium! Continue Reading