John Senior: Defender of Realism and Professor of Integrated Humanities

One of my great heroes was presented at the Hall of Men last evening. Senior was one of three professors at the University of Kansas who in 1970 started the Pearson Integrated Humanities program, a two-year curriculum for freshmen and sophomores. The program was quite controversial and unfortunately was shut down nine years later. Why controversial? Because the teachers believed reality is really real, because they loved the truth, and because they promoted things like faith and honor and modesty and beauty. For a taste of what Senior and his colleagues created, here are several excerpts from the program’s brochure (a link to the full text is forthcoming):
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ROD DREHER has become a friend and a champion for all things Eighth Day. In this video clip from our sixth annual Eighth Day Symposium, Rod admonishes us to be skeptical about the media and to be merciful to those who are different from us. And he encourages our children to pursue vocations in the media, “to take the God-given sense of wonder and make it your own ability to write, to tell a story visually, to make that an icon through which God’s mysterious presence and truth shines through the creation.”



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