The Time of Advent


Eighth Day Institute: The Past, the Present & the Future and Incarnate Communication

I recently invited my friend Joshua Sturgill, the founding Vice President of Eighth Day Institute, to reflect on the history and work of Eighth Day Institute. I've provided his written reflection below, along with a short video clip of him reflecting on cultural renewal and incarnate communication: "Our first tasks were stripping old carpet and tile off the floors and hanging a ladder from the ceiling to prepare the space we'd already decided would be called The Ladder. Back then, our working title was The St. John of Damascus Institute, which would have The Ladder as its headquarters and primary gathering place. Now, of course, the walls are flush with icons, photographs, and paper copies of famous heroes. But when we held our first Hall of Men, the walls were bare, and our few icons (still there!) sat expectantly on the mantle, waiting to be joined by a cloud of witnesses.
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