Inaugural Florovsky Lecture & Campaign Update

We're days into the inaugural Florovsky Week and it has been glorious...better than I could have ever imagined. If you haven't attended yet, you are missing out on the best event we've ever far. It's not too late to register and join us...there are still two afternoon academic paper sessions, two evening plenary dialogues, and all day Saturday. I am absolutely convinced that the work Eighth Day Institute is some of the most important work being done, both for Church unity and cultural renewal. And there are plenty of other folks who agree, including well known figures like Rod Dreher, Louis Markos, James K. A. Smith, Ralph Wood, and our Florovsky Week speakers Hans Boersma, Kenneth Howell, and Bradley Nassif.
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upcoming EIGHTH DAY events

Sisters of Sophia presenting Ingrid Trobisch

Anno Domini 2018, August 21
Tuesday at 06:15 PM

St John of Damascus Award 2018

Anno Domini 2018, August 24
Friday at 06:30 PM