VIP Dinner with Symposium Speakers: Let the Bidding Begin!

Feast of St Timothy, the Apostle of the 70

Would you like to join Adam Cooper, Hans Boersma, David Ford, and Ephraim Radner for a private dinner?

We've got a very special location reserved for this special dinner. In a very cozy atmosphere, you'll be able to see the entire city of Wichita. 

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Symposium Synaxis: Preview of Contents

Feast of St Maximus the Confessor

For the last ten days, it's been around-the-clock organizing the Symposium and creating the new issue of Synaxis. The Symposium is just three days away and Synaxis went to the printers today. We'll have freshly printed copies on hand at the Symposium for Eighth Day Patrons, Pillars & Olympians. If you can't join us for the Symposium, you can purchase... Continue Reading

2019 Symposium Abstract 12: Fr Paul O'Callaghan - "Adam, Eve & Eros"

Feast of St Anthony the Great

Foundational texts in Genesis provide the basis of human sexuality and the erotic dimension of life.  From this basis, an ontology of Eros can be developed from within the Holy Scriptures, and is revealed as a fundamental dynamic between Christ and His Church, God and His people, and the Creator and the Creation.

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2019 Symposium Abstract 11: Joshua Sturgill - "Art & the Incarnation: Poetry as Chastely Erotic Art"

Feast of the Holy Martyr Tatiana of Rome

Though our focus will be poetry, this session will begin with the thesis that poetry and agriculture are the two fundamental arts, expressing the relationship of the soul to heaven and earth, respectively. Further, we will discuss the ‘gender’ of these arts – how they express the masculine and feminine in all human experience. Our goal is to consider how poetry is common... Continue Reading

2019 Symposium Abstract 10: Dcn. Aaron Taylor - "Metanoia in Faerie: Ascetic Peregrinatio & the Transfiguration of Eros in Chaucer's 'Wife of Bath's Tale'"

Feast of St Philip, Metropolitan of Moscow

In Chaucer’s “Wife of Bath’s Tale”, an unnamed knight, having fallen prey to lust for a young maiden, rapes her. When the crime is discovered, King Arthur is prepared to execute him, but Queen Guinevere asks that he be handed over to her to be tried in the Court of Love. There, his punishment is that he must go on a quest... Continue Reading

2019 Symposium Abstract 9: Alicia Bradford - "Communion of Love: The Spousal Vocation of Man & Woman in Light of the Trinitarian Nature of God"

Feast of the Holy Martyr Polyeuctos

John Paul II says that “man and woman, created as a ‘unity of the two’ in their common humanity, are called to live in a communion of love, and in this way mirror in the world the communion of love that is in God....” In his Catechesis on Human Love he speaks of the hermeneutics of the gift as being “at the heart... Continue Reading

2019 Symposium Abstract 8: Adam Cooper - "When Lovemaking Becomes Liturgy: John Paul II's Reflections on Song of Songs and Tobit"

Feast of the Venerable St Dominica the Righteous

Pope St. John Paul II’s mammoth Theology of the Body is best understood as a big bible study on Christ and bodily human redemption. In his catecheses on the biblical books of Song of Songs and Tobit, the great pope reflects on the interplay between eros and agape in marriage - their characteristic elements, their proper beauty and form, their tension and resolution - and shows above... Continue Reading

2019 Symposium Abstract 7: David Ford - "From Garden to the Eschaton: The Eternality of Marriage as Understood in the Orthodox Church"

Feast of the Venerable St Dominica the Righteous

While a minority view within the Orthodox Church would limit marriage only to this present life, the prevailing understanding has been and continues to be that marriage is meant to last forever – just as Adam and Eve shared a marital relationship that was meant to be endless, and just as Christ’s love for and intimacy with His flock are endless.... Continue Reading

2019 Symposium Abstract 6: Ephraim Radner - "How Do We Shape Desire?"

Feast of the Venerable St. Dominica the Righteous

This session will provide a pastoral discussion of the struggles individuals have in ‘controlling their desires’, and what might be involved in such struggles and their resolution in Christian terms. The purpose here is to revisit positively the concept and practice of ascetic discipline with respect to ‘taming the passions’.

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2019 Symposium Abstract 5: Hans Boersma - "8 Theses on Sex"

Synaxis of John the Holy Glorious Prophet, Baptist & Forerunner

THROUGHOUT the Christian tradition, the number eight has functioned as a symbol of the eschaton. Christ rose on the Eighth Day, and Christians celebrate new life in Christ on the Eighth Day. So, by offering eight theses on sex, I intend to reflect on the nature and function of sex in light of the Eighth Day, the eschaton. The... Continue Reading

2019 Symposium Paper Abstract 4: Adam Cooper - "Can Asceticism Make Us Better Lovers? The Promise & Limits of Maximus the Confessor's Theology of Marriage"

Feast of St Pope Sylvester I

ST MAXIMUS the Confessor’s theology of marriage confronts spouses with a severe ascetic regime and offers apparently bleak prospects for erotic joy. His teaching combines a phenomenologically alert understanding of the divided and sin-bent self with an eschatologically tempered sense of the vulnerability of marriage and sexuality. But Maximus also wants us all to be better lovers, with our desires and energies liberated... Continue Reading

New Quarterly Catechetical Word from the Fathers

Feast of St Pope Sylvester I

Since 2013, we've published five volumes of A Word from the Fathers. Here's the list of publications, thus far:

  1. Commentary on an Easter Hymn of St. Gregory Nazianzen by St. Dorotheus of Gaza
  2. The Desert Sayings of St. Anthony the Great
  3. On the Holy Virgin Theotokos by St. Proclus of Constantinople
  4. The Divine Dilemma & Its Solution in the Incarnation by St.... Continue Reading

2019 Symposium Announcement: Intro with Speakers and Presentations

Feast of St Boniface the Martyr & His Companions

LAST YEAR, at the 8th annual Eighth Day Symposium, the focus was on friendship: “Cultivating Friendship in a Fractured Age.” I’m convinced friendship is one of the greatest needs of our day…it’s why my parish priest Fr. Paul O’Callaghan wrote an entire book on the subject: The Feast of Friendship.

The theme for this year’s Symposium builds on last year’s... Continue Reading

2019 Symposium Paper Abstract 3: David Ford - "An Orthodox Theology of Eros, Sexuality & Marriage: The Vision of St John Chrysostom"

Feast of the Holy Prophet Daniel

OF ALL THE Eastern Church Fathers, the one who spoke the most about eros, sexuality, and marriage was St. John Chrysostom, the powerfully eloquent, late fourth-century preacher of Antioch and Constantinople. As he ministered to the mostly married members of his flock, he shared his high view of the glories of marriage, especially when it is centered in Christ and lived in His... Continue Reading

2019 Symposium Paper Abstract 2: Ephraim Radner - "There Is No Desire Out of the Desires of Scripture"

THE PURPOSE of this talk is to provide an alternative to the general modern claim – shared by many Christians – that human beings are bundles of desires, some good, some bad, some to be refashioned, and that our identity as human beings is defined by these desires (good or bad, godly or sinful). In place of this desire-inflating claim, I want to suggest that our identity as human beings is... Continue Reading

#8thDayGivingTuesday: Eighth Day Video Series Launch

Feast of St Catherine the Great Martyr of Alexandria

We have two days for getting deals Black Friday and Cyber Monday. On #GivingTuesday, we have a day for giving back. Entering its seventh year, #GivingTuesday has evolved into the opening day of the giving season.

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2019 Symposium Paper Abstract 1: Hans Boersma - "Body, Gender & Sex: Lessons from St Gregory of Nyssa"

Feast of St Lazarus the Wonderworker

TWO KEY convictions drive contemporary debates about body, gender, and sex. The first is that the body is an unmitigated good. Common sentiment, both among Christians and non-Christians, rejects any sort of devaluation of the body. The second is that what we do (or do not do) with the body is strictly a matter of individual choice—as long as we don’t unduly harm... Continue Reading

Tolkien Pint Glasses & Inklings Walking Tour

Feast of St Benjamin the Deacon

WE'RE delighted to make a new addition to our "Cloud of Witnesses" Pint Glass series: J. R. R. Tolkien: Author of Heroic Worlds.

If you join us for the Inklings Walking Tour with toasts by Ralph Wood and Richard Rohlin, you'll receive your won for the tastings.

And we'll have them for sale at all the other events over the Inklings... Continue Reading

Inklings Seminars at Oktoberfest: "Not a Bowl but a Book" and "Can the Singer Enter the Tale?"

Feast of St Symeon the New Theologian

WE ARE honored to have Richard Rohlin, a philologist and lover of the Inklings, join us from Texas for the Oktoberfest. He'll be with us on Friday evening (Oct 19) for the Inklings Walking Tour, offering toasts to the Inklings, and then he'll present two seminars on the Inklings on Sunday afternoon (Oct 21). You can read his bio below. And here... Continue Reading

Inaugural Inklings Cartography Contest

Feast of St Symeon the New Theologian

WE ARE pleased to announce the inaugural Inklings Cartography Contest. The field is wide open to create maps from any world within the literature of any of the Inklings. That means your creativity is unlimited, i.e., you need not limit yourself to Narnia or Middle-earth, although those worlds are definitely options.

Maps will be judged in four categories, and each category winner... Continue Reading