2nd Annual St John of Damascus Award

Feast of the Martyr Archdeacon Lawrence

ON THE FEAST of St Cosmas of Aitola, in the year of our Lord 2018 (i.e., Friday, August 24), we will honor Dr. Chris Kettler with the second annual St John of Damascus Award. 

We launched this award last year to honor a life that exemplifies the mission of Eighth Day Institute, somebody who has given their life to renewing culture through faith... Continue Reading

On the Road Again: From Dallas to Charleston

Feast of the Glorious Prophet Elijah

IT'S BEEN an extremely busy month peddling books and culture.

I began in Dallas (TX) for the Association of Classical Christian Schools conference, then was off to Birmingham (AL) for the Society of Classical Learning conference, came back home for Florovsky Week (KS), and am now in Charleston (SC) for Circe Institute's conference.

Each and every one of these events has been very... Continue Reading

Florovsky Week Update

Feast of St Michael of Malenius

We've had an AMAZING start to the inaugural Florovsky Week.

After the festal banquet on Tuesday evening (Florovsky Lecture will be posted next week) and four great sessions of academic papers yesterday, last evening was truly a wonderful dialogue of love and truth. And it proved Fr. Georges Florovsky's neopatristic synthesis is the path to uniting Christians. All three of our plenary speakers (Hans Boersma, Kenneth Howell, Bradley Nassif) have drunk deeply... Continue Reading

Florovsky Week Program with Schedule & Location Details

Feast of St Dionysios the Orator

IN LESS than 28 hours we'll be celebrating the life of Fr. Georges Florovsky at the festal banquet. And then the prayer, iconography workshop, the academic papers, and the plenary dialogues will begin on Wednesday and run through Saturday.

If you're still considering whether or not to attend, of if you are wondering where the different parts of the week will be held,... Continue Reading

Florovsky Paper Abstract 27 - A Soteriology in Conflict: Imputed, Infused & Indwelling

Feast of St Thomas of Malea

ROBERT BARCLAY'S (1648-1690) life span covered one of the most contentious periods in European history. His distant cousin King Charles I would be beheaded. Oliver Cromwell the Puritan would assume the throne during his childhood days. Charles II would retake the throne upon Barclay’s departure to be trained as a Roman Catholic apologist at the Scots College of Paris. Barclay’s eventual return and... Continue Reading

Florovsky Paper Abstract 26 - Protestant and Catholic: What Anglicans Have to Offer

Feast of St Thomas of Malea

MANY SPEAK dismissively of the English Reformation as if King Henry VIII’s bid for a divorce deserves sole credit for the movement. By this view, it would come as no surprise to find that the Episcopal Church, the U.S. province of the Worldwide Anglican Communion, has become a flagship of progressivism surrounding marriage and sexuality. Sex and schism, embedded in Anglican DNA from... Continue Reading

Florovsky Paper Abstract 25 - Good Pope John's (Not So) Secret Agenda to Reunite Christianity

Feast of St Kyriake the Great Martyr

THE LITTLE old Venetian the cardinals chose in 1959 to be a caretaker pope, Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, turned out to be full of surprises. He chose the name John, a name associated with some of the more unsavory captains of Peter’s barque. Then, shockingly, he called an ecumenical council. While that council and its aftermath have been a dominant feature of the... Continue Reading

Florovsky Paper Abstract 24 - Annum Sacrum: Ecumenical Intentions & Thomistic Justifications

Feast of St Thomas of Malea

ON MAY 25, 1899, Pope Leo XIII issued his encyclical Annum Sacrum, what he called “the greatest act of our Pontificate.” In it, he declared that he intended to consecrate the entire world, including the ‘infidels’, to the Sacred Heart of Jesus on June 11th. The encyclical was especially extraordinary for two reasons. First, Leo responded so quickly to the consecration, which was inspired by a nun... Continue Reading

Florovsky Paper Abstract 23 - Intellectual Liturgy

Feast of St Kyriake the Great Martyr

THIS PAPER will discuss the tension between the emotional and intellectual components of liturgy. It will argue that the intellectual component is primary, and will outline the problematic tendencies associated with an overly emotional liturgical approach. Furthermore, it will discuss the proper place of emotion within the liturgy, and describe possible instances in which emotional allowances may be beneficial. The Protestant Reformation signaled a... Continue Reading

Florovsky Paper Abstract 22 - Liturgical Prayer & the Protestant Reformation: From Calvin to the Baptists

Feast of St Thomas of Malea

ALTHOUGH, perhaps a lesser subject within the Reformation, liturgical prayer was a source of some discussion amongst the many thinkers in the Protestant church who were linked to the Reformation. Approaching this subject from the views of systematic thinkers who helped shape the Protestant churches, this paper will attempt to examine Calvin’s understanding on liturgical prayer and couple it with the current approach... Continue Reading