Tolkien Pint Glasses & Inklings Walking Tour

Feast of St Benjamin the Deacon

WE'RE delighted to make a new addition to our "Cloud of Witnesses" Pint Glass series: J. R. R. Tolkien: Author of Heroic Worlds.

If you join us for the Inklings Walking Tour with toasts by Ralph Wood and Richard Rohlin, you'll receive your won for the tastings.

And we'll have them for sale at all the other events over the Inklings... Continue Reading

Inklings Seminars at Oktoberfest: "Not a Bowl but a Book" and "Can the Singer Enter the Tale?"

Feast of St Symeon the New Theologian

WE ARE honored to have Richard Rohlin, a philologist and lover of the Inklings, join us from Texas for the Oktoberfest. He'll be with us on Friday evening (Oct 19) for the Inklings Walking Tour, offering toasts to the Inklings, and then he'll present two seminars on the Inklings on Sunday afternoon (Oct 21). You can read his bio below. And here... Continue Reading

Inaugural Inklings Cartography Contest

Feast of St Symeon the New Theologian

WE ARE pleased to announce the inaugural Inklings Cartography Contest. The field is wide open to create maps from any world within the literature of any of the Inklings. That means your creativity is unlimited, i.e., you need not limit yourself to Narnia or Middle-earth, although those worlds are definitely options.

Maps will be judged in four categories, and each category winner... Continue Reading

4th Annual Inklings Lecture by Ralph Wood: "G. K. Chesterton: Father of the Inklings"

Feast of St Philip the Apostle & One of the Seven Deacons

FOR OUR fourth annual Inklings Oktoberfest, Ralph Wood will be presenting the annual Inklings Lecture on G. K. Chesterton as the Father of the Inklings. The lecture will be at 6:30 pm on Saturday, Oct. 20 at Journey the Way, a local church just around the corner from Eighth Day Books and our headquarters.

Immediately following the... Continue Reading

Inklings Oktoberfest & Annual Inklings Lecture Announced

Feast of St Theophilus the Confessor

WE'RE THRILLED to announce the fourth annual Inklings Oktoberfest!

Like last year, it will be held in conjunction with the anniversary of Eighth Day Books - the thirtieth! - on Oct 19-21. But unlike any previous year, we're moving the festival to Sunday afternoon and early evening. We hope you will bring your whole family and your friends and/or neighbors. This is a... Continue Reading

A New Reading-&-Writing Group

Feast of St Autonomos the Martyr

THE INAUGURAL meeting of Eighth Day’s (yet to be named) reading-&-writing group began with delicious takeout from College Hill Deli, followed by introductions. So far, three teachers, one doctor, and a few who haven’t yet decided what they want to be when they grow up make up our ranks.

Sadly, most of us had not done our homework, which was to read T. S.... Continue Reading

Dr. Chris Kettler: An Astounding Vita

Feast of the Holy Martyr Agathonicus

WE'RE JUST days away from our second annual St John of Damascus Award. In preparation for the banquet and ceremony, I asked Dr. Kettler to send me his vita. When I read through it, I was astounded by how much he has already accomplished. And I know that he is finishing up another book and has plans for more.

Take... Continue Reading

2nd Annual St John of Damascus Award

Feast of the Martyr Archdeacon Lawrence

ON THE FEAST of St Cosmas of Aitola, in the year of our Lord 2018 (i.e., Friday, August 24), we will honor Dr. Chris Kettler with the second annual St John of Damascus Award. 

We launched this award last year to honor a life that exemplifies the mission of Eighth Day Institute, somebody who has given their life to renewing culture through faith... Continue Reading

On the Road Again: From Dallas to Charleston

Feast of the Glorious Prophet Elijah

IT'S BEEN an extremely busy month peddling books and culture.

I began in Dallas (TX) for the Association of Classical Christian Schools conference, then was off to Birmingham (AL) for the Society of Classical Learning conference, came back home for Florovsky Week (KS), and am now in Charleston (SC) for Circe Institute's conference.

Each and every one of these events has been very... Continue Reading

Florovsky Week Update

Feast of St Michael of Malenius

We've had an AMAZING start to the inaugural Florovsky Week.

After the festal banquet on Tuesday evening (Florovsky Lecture will be posted next week) and four great sessions of academic papers yesterday, last evening was truly a wonderful dialogue of love and truth. And it proved Fr. Georges Florovsky's neopatristic synthesis is the path to uniting Christians. All three of our plenary speakers (Hans Boersma, Kenneth Howell, Bradley Nassif) have drunk deeply... Continue Reading