Florovsky Paper Abstract - Ut Unum Sint: A Non-Institutional Approach

Feast of the Hieromartyr Dorotheus

THE REFORMATION shattered the unity of the institutional Western church. The anathemas of Roman Catholicism and Protestantism drove Christian brothers to condemn one another in the harshest terms. Meanwhile, the Orthodox churches watched the papacy become ever more monarchical and Protestantism splinter, and grew more and more disdainful of their Western brethren.

The rending of institutional unity has been a source of scandal to... Continue Reading

Florovsky Paper Abstract - The Divine Indwelling according to John Henry Newman

Feast of Sts Martha & Mary, Sisters of Lazarus

IN HIS Lectures on the Doctrine of Justification (1838), John Henry Newman seeks to discover the essence of the gift of justification. While the Protestant perspective focuses on God’s external declaration of justice and describes faith as the essence of man’s righteousness, the Roman position, in the years subsequent to the Council of Trent, focuses on the inherent gift of righteousness... Continue Reading

Florovsky Paper Abstract - "What Does Edinburgh Have To Do with Constantinople?" Reformed and Orthodox Theology, Divine and Human Agency, and the Theology of T. F. Torrance

Feast of St Nicephorus, Archbishop of Constantinople

WHAT DOES Jerusalem have to do with Athens?” Tertullian famously asked, setting forth the perennial debate between faith (Jerusalem) and reason (Athens). Edinburgh, the capital of High Scottish Calvinism, and Constantinople, ‘the Second Rome’, for centuries the seat of eastern Orthodox Christianity, could not seem further apart. They stand powerfully for the differences between Protestant Reformed Christianity that came to Scotland through... Continue Reading

Florovsky Paper Abstract - Three Streams & One River: The History & Future of the Convergence Movement

Feast of St Erasmos & His Companion Martyrs

DURING the latter half of the twentieth century Christians from denominations around the world have stated a desire to find their way back to the roots of Christianity and experience a more full expression of Christianity and the life of the Church. One way in which this has manifested is the ‘convergence movement’. The convergence movement has developed as a bridge... Continue Reading

Florovsky Paper Abstract - Did the Church Fathers Misunderstand Their Native Greek When it Came to Remarriage?

Feast of St Justin the Martyr & Philosopher

THE OFFICIAL teaching of the early church from its earliest writings until the 16th century called all remarriage when the first spouses are still alive ongoing adultery. Erasmus, during the days of the Reformation, disagreed with the early church fathers on the topic of remarriage, and even changed the Greek text of Matthew 19:9 in his editions of the Greek New Testament to reinforce... Continue Reading

Florovsky Paper Abstract - The Wesleyan Synthesis of Worship

Feast of St Macrina, Grandmother of St Basil the Great

WHEN THE Wesley brothers, John and Charles, began the Methodist movement in England, it was specifically designed to be a renewal movement for the Church. It was never intended to separate from the Church of England, and in its creation it presupposed attendance at both the Methodist Society meetings and the Church of England service. This was keeping in... Continue Reading

Florovsky Paper Abstract - Substitution, Satisfaction & Ransom in the Fathers: A Clarification of Florovsky's Neopatristic Synthesis

Feast of the Martyr Theodosia

FR GEORGES Florovsky’s magnum opus, The Ways of Russian Theology, is extremely critical of the West for its Westernizing ‘pseudomorphosis’ of Russian Orthodox theology. It also includes the seeds of a proposal for which Florovsky would become most famous: ‘neopatristic synthesis’. Both concepts—neopatristic synthesis and pseudomorphosis—have been massively misunderstood. From the very beginning, Florovsky’s neopatristic synthesis insisted on dialogue with Western theology based on... Continue Reading

Florovsky Week Registration: Free Cloud of Witnesses Pint Glasses

Feast of Sts Carpos & Alphaeus, Apostles of the 70

IT'S TIME to register for our inaugural Florovsky Week, an ecumenical retrospective on the Reformation with a focus on "The Patristic View of Salvation: Justification by Faith Alone?"

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Florovsky Paper Abstract - "We Uphold the Law" ... or Do We? Fascination with Dismissing Moses in the Early Renaissance

Feast of Sts Carpos and Alphaeus, Apostles of the 70

IT IS NOT uncommon to hear Christians in both Protestant and Catholic circles speak in terms of the abrogation of the entirety of the Law of Moses. This seems to directly contradict Matthew 5:18. This paper attempts to briefly survey attitudes toward Torah in the ancient sources of New Testament Scripture and patristic texts, and contrast them with stances... Continue Reading

Florovsky Paper Abstract - Authority of Scripture and Hermeneutic Method as Historical Bases for Christian Unity

Feast of St Therapon the Hieromartyr, Bishop of Cyprus

WHILE there are persisting differences between Catholic and Protestant views of (1) what constitutes Scripture, (2) the level of exclusivity in authority of Scripture, and (3) what constitutes appropriate hermeneutic methodology, there are commonly held principles that provide bases for Christian unity and fertile ground for collaborative research and practical ministry. This paper briefly (1) examines both the... Continue Reading