Summer Member Meeting & the St John of Damascus Award

Feast of St Vladimir, Equal-to-the-Apostles of Kiev

John_Damascene_by_Thophanes_the_Cretan_at_Monastery_of_Stavroniketa.jpegWE'VE GOT two new events that are in the works, one for the end of July and the other at the end of August:

1. On Friday evening, July 28, we will host our first annual Summer State of the Institute meeting for Eighth Day Members. In addition to a brief report about Eighth Day Institute, we also hope this meeting will facilitate... Continue Reading

The Digital Lectern: An Update

Synaxis of the Twelve Holy Apostles

Lectern_Square_1.jpgWELL IT took us a while to figure out the publishing of our digital content. But I think we've finally got it nailed down, thanks to the hard work of Daniel Brake, who happens to be a new EDI Board Director. Many thanks to Daniel for all he has done to help develop our website!

As you may have seen, several weeks ago we... Continue Reading

On the Road: Dallas and Pittsburgh

Feast of St Julian, the Martyr of Tarsus

ACCS_Square.jpegWARREN and I both hit the road yesterday. Warren is in Dallas peddling books at the Society for Classical Learning conference; I'm in Pittsburgh, PA peddling books and EDI at the Association of Christian Classical Schools conference. After a long day of setting up, I was cheered by the Wichita contingent...about 15 of them from the Classical School of Wichita.

If you're... Continue Reading

New and Improved Eighth Day Membership

Feast of the Holy Martyrs Alexander and Antonina

High_Quality_EDI_Monk_Image_Small.jpegI AM SO grateful to the growing community of Eighth Day Members. Simply put, without you the work of Eighth Day Institute would have come to an end long ago. Thank you so much for supporting our humble efforts at renewing culture through faith and learning.

I also beg your forgiveness for not doing a better job of communicating my gratitude, maintaining... Continue Reading

Your Thoughts on Eighth Day Institute

Feast of St Nicephorus, Archbishop of Constantinople

High_Quality_EDI_Monk_Image_Small.jpegFOR ALL those who responded to our survey about what Eighth Day Institute is and why it exists, many thanks!

The respondents come from six different states, are represented by five Catholics, four Orthodox, and twelve Protestants, and are all Eighth Day Members.

I am grateful and encouraged by your kind words.

The Board of Directors is currently working on a strategic plan... Continue Reading

Reflecting on Eighth Day Institute: What Is It and Why Does It Exist?

Feast of St Vincent of Lerins

hours_of_prayer_19-17-00.jpgSeveral people have been helping me think through Eighth Day Institute’s vision and mission. I’d also like to know what you think.

I would be deeply grateful if you’d answer the following two questions, preferably in the comments below (if you’d prefer, feel free to email me).

1. What is Eighth Day Institute?

2. Why does Eighth Day Institute exist?

... Continue Reading

A Spring Whirlwind

Feast of Our Righteous Father Memnonus the Wonderworker

ORU_with_Hannah_2017_for_NB.jpegTHIS SPRING has been a whirlwind of traveling, teaching, organizing book groups, developing the Hall of Men, creating a plan for consistent content on social media and the EDI website, and a great deal of deep introspection about the mission, the work, and the future of Eighth Day Institute.

In February we launched two new reading groups. The Cappadocian Society is for... Continue Reading

New Evangelization, Benedict Option and Table Talk

Benedict_Square.jpgFeast of St. Innocent, Enlightener of Siberia and Alaska

ON THIS Final Friday, Scott Spradlin will be presenting a Table Talk on "Mindfulness & Orthodox Spirituality in a Digital Age." Doors open at The Ladder at 7:15 and Table Talk begins at 7:30. Click here for more details.

I'm hitting the road this morning to peddle Eighth Day Books and promote Eighth Day Institute at the sixth annual Symposium... Continue Reading

Register for the 9th Annual Feast of St Patrick

Feast of the Martyr Hesychius and St Nicholas Planas

eriugena_tall.jpgREGISTRATION is now open for our 9th annual Feast of St. Patrick on Friday, March 17.

Join us for a pre-feast beer tasting with Aero Plains Brewing at 5 pm.

Then join us for the feast with doors opening at 6:30.

Fish and chips will be served at 7 pm and then we'll have a short lecture on John Scotus... Continue Reading

On the Road with Eighth Day Books

Feast of the Martyr Eudocia

PreClimacus.JPGI'VE BEEN on the road for a week now with Warren Farha, proprietor of Eighth Day Books.

We traveled to Louisville, KY to peddle our wares (EDB and EDI) at the Climacus Conference. The theme was "Encountering God" and they had great speakers (Fr. Moses Berry, Dr. David Bradshaw, Fr. Stephen Freeman, and Jonathan Pageau), poetry readings by Richard Pierce, and a sneak preview film... Continue Reading